Hybrid Advanced Multi-Rotor

Ease of Use of a Multi-Rotor with the Flight Time of a Fixed Wing

Aircraft Applications

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Police & First Responders
  • Department of Defense
  • Atmospheric & Marine Science
  • Site Security
  • Rural Area Package Delivery
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Technical Specifications


Storage Case Dimensions
Entire system packs into 1 case 54.4″ x 29.2″ x 16.0″ Outer Dimensions
In-Flight Dimensions
Length 65 in
Width 130 in
Height 19 in
Maximum Gross for Takeoff 36.0 lbs
Maximum Useful Load (Fuel+Payload) 8.5 lbs
Maximum Payload 7.0 lbs
Typical Empty Weight 27.5 lbs
Modular Payload Bays
Nose Payload Bay Camera turret less than 4 in diameter and 2 lbs
Center Payload Bay 12 in length, 6.5 in width, 3.5 in height
Number of Electrical Motors 6
Motor Type Brushless DC
Motor Make and Model T-Motor U8 Pro
kV Rating 135
Electronic Speed Controller Castle Phoenix Edge Lite 50
Cruise Speed Range 0 to 40 kts
Make T-Motor
Model 28.2×9.2L
Hybrid Electric Propulsion System
Electrical Components LaunchPoint Technologies
Engine Desert Aircraft DA-35
Electronic Fuel Injection HFE International
Fuel Type 93 Octane Gasoline with 40:1 two-stroke oil mix
Fuel Tank Capacity 100 oz
Optional 2nd fuel tank 200 oz Total
Payload Power 50W at 28VDC Optional regulator to provide lower voltage
Nominal Bus Voltage 28 VDC
Battery 7S 70C 3300mAh
Note: These limitations are advisory in nature and subject to change.